Women hesitate to disclose certain diseases that affect them, vaginal discharge being one of them. The patient starts losing health, becomes thin, suffers abdominal pain and urination and intercourse becomes painful. She also experiences burning sensation in the stomach, body irritation and general weakness, which gradually drain vigor and vitality, and life becomes a burden for the patient.

Usage: 2 teaspoons (10 grams) to be taken in empty stomach early morning and again at night after meals. Tamarind in-take should be minimized and cold food totally avoided. Drink plenty of milk. One bottle of Kumarikalpam is sufficient for 20 days and if the disease is in its initial stages, recovery is possible with 2 or 3 bottles. But if the disease has entered the final stages 5 or more bottles of Kumari Kalpam may be required. To be taken on the direction of a physician