5 Ayurveda Health tips for Summer


Summer has arrived. It’s time for buttermilk & watermelon. This is one season when almost all should be cautious about their health. In summer, if you are not taken enough care about your food & drinking habits, you might need to face many health problems like dehydration, fatigue, sun stroke & more.

So here are a few tips from Ayurveda to take care of your health this summer.

1. Drink buttermilk instead of cooldrinks

Many of us consume cool drinks in summer assuming that they hydrate our body. But that’s not the right way to stay hydrated. Since cool drinks contain carbonated water, they make you more thirsty and lead to many problems related to abdomen. So Ayurveda suggests to drink butter milk. Butter milk gives good results if jeera powder, coriander & pudina is mixed in it.

2. Eat lots of watermelon & cucumber

Watermelon & Cucumber are best to make your body cool and fight heat in this summer. They keep you enough hydrated all day. So Ayurveda suggests to consume few slices of cucumber & watermelon twice a day in the summer. Sprinkle some pepper powder if you have sinus or asthma problems.

3. Eat water

Yes, you heard it right. You can eat water. Make your major portion of daily food contains fruits. Staying hydrated doesn’t mean to drink water always. You can even stay hydrated by eating fruits that are available in your location in this summer season.

4. Massage your body twice a week

Ayush Arogyam - Ayurveda health tips for summer - Body massage

Twice a week, massage your body with herbal oils. They not just improve blood circulation, but also make your body cool by removing excess heat. You need not go to a spa every time, you can do this yourself too.

5. Drink amla juice everyday

A cup of amla juice along with water or milk everyday in summer helps in staying healthy. Amla juice not just provide essentials vitamins, but also keeps your body cool and hydrated all day.


Here it ends. Follow these Ayurveda summer tips to stay healthy in this season. Don’t forget to share this in your social circles. Also comment if you got any other ayurveda summer tips.