5 Ayurvedic Health Tips for Winter

Winter is coming. And we all know that winter is the season of flu’s. Most of the people suffer with cough, cold, fever, headaches and other allergies in this season. This is why many people get scared about winter. This is the seasons where kids and old people should be much cautious about their health. Because in kids and ole people, the immunity levels are low, they get easily affected by cold, cough and fevers.

Don’t worry, you can stay healthy without a single health problem if you could follow the Ayurveda lifestyle. As you already know that, Ayurveda is completely natural and comes with no side effects. And Ayurveda is only medical science that suits for everyone and gives best results.

Now why late, let’s just get into those amazing Ayurvedic tips to stay healthy and disease-free in this winter.

5 Ayurvedic Health Tips for Winter - Ayush Arogyam

1. For these few months of winter, avoid regular tea & coffees. Instead of those go for Ginger & lemon tea. This helps you from general flu’s like cold, cough & sore throat.

2. Sore throat is one common health problem we experience in winter. For this here is an amazing natural solution. Add 1 spoon of regular salt in a glass of warm water and gargle for few minutes. This removes the irritants that cause sore throat and also helps in mucus thinning.

3. People above 35 years of age generally face body pains heavily in winter season. For this Ayurveda recommend regular body massage with oils like coconut oil, castor oil or sesame oil. Massage with oil helps in blood circulation and relieve joint pains.

4. In winter there will be lack of Vitamin D due to lack of proper sunlight. So Ayurveda recommends to consume food items that contain Vitamin D like Cheese, Mushrooms, Yogurt, Soy products & Dairy products.

5 Ayurvedic Health Tips for Winter - Ayush Arogyam 2

5. Winter is the season where people suffer from mental problems like depression, Anxiety and other. For this Ayurveda recommends to do Pranayama ( Breathing Exercises ) along with few yoga asanas like Vajrasan, Shirshasan, Setu Bandhasana & Savasana.

Along with these tips, we highly recommend you the products below to stay healthy in winter. Kindly go through them.

  1. Kottakkal Chyavanaprasam and Dasamularishtam – excellent immunity booster and provides all the protection one needs for his/ her body during the winters
  2. Kottakkal Eladi Kera Thailam and Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam – excellent oils for daily massage for both adults and children to keep the skin lubricated and protects from skin disorders especially during the winters
  3. Kottakkal Kunkumadi Thailam – for facial skin lubrication and to keep skin glowing during winters
  4. Kottakkal Vasakadyarishtam and Vayu Gulika – to keep respiratory disorders, cough and related infection at bay during winters
  5. Ayuratan Gold Soap – The only soap free from chemicals to keep your skin moist and protected during the winter dryness
  6. Thiruthali Shampoo – To protect your scalp from dryness and dandruff caused by ordinary chemically treated shampoos